Fernando ramírez de haro y valdés

Fernando ramírez de haro y valdés

Álvaro ramírez de haro y aguirre

On March 14th, the BOE (Official State Gazette) published, in its Division of Rights of Grace, the cession of the title of Marquise of Casa Valdés by Beatriz Ramírez de Haro y Valdés in favor of her eldest daughter, Isabel Urzáiz Azlor de Aragón y Ramírez de Haro. A decision that could reopen the wounds of a family, which seems to have plenty of reasons for discord.  After the pertinent 30-day period of allegations in which anyone who feels harmed or with a better right can claim, Isabel Urzáiz Azlor de Aragón y Ramírez de Haro will be full Marquise of Casa Valdés.
The new Marquise is an educated woman. With a degree in Law from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, her extensive academic curriculum includes a doctorate (Cum Laude) in French philology, and a degree in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the Complutense University of Madrid, where she obtained the National Award of Excellence.
The painting in Fernando’s possession was bequeathed to him by his father, the aristocrat Ignacio Ramírez de Haro y Pérez de Guzmán, who died in 2010. The canvas, painted in 1795, depicted Valentín Bellvis de Moncada y Pizarro and was donated by his father to Fernando without knowing that it was an authentic Goya. Apparently, he donated it to him along with other goods and properties linked to the county of Bornos, ostensibly improving Fernando’s position in the inheritance.

Fernando ramírez de haro y aguirre

The couple has two sons. Fernando is the eldest. He was born on August 28, 1976 in Madrid. He studied Business Administration at ICADE and is General Manager of Asset Management, a real estate consulting firm linked to Aguirre Newman, which is presided over by Santiago Aguirre, brother of the former regional president. On July 19, 2008 he married Carolina de Oriol y Miranda, fourth daughter of Felipe de Oriol y Díaz de Bustamante and María Luisa Miranda Barcón, and granddaughter of Antonio María de Oriol y Urquijo, the former Minister of Justice during Franco’s regime.

Count of bornos

Aguirre remains unclear whether she complied with the law of incompatibilities and whether she declared to the Treasury the alleged donation of the shares she had in Savial SL. The PP in the Assembly, controlled by Cifuentes, prevents Podemos from seeing the asset declarations.
Savial SL and Ganadería Bornos SC pocketed 300,931 euros in EU aid corresponding to the 2015 financial year. Since its foundation, both companies entered at least 5.8 million euros in what Aguirre defined at the time as «mamandurrias».
She does not explain whether, when elected president of the Community of Madrid in 2003, she declared in the Register of Assets the shares she had in the company Savial SL. She maintains that these shares were «donated» to her husband in 2005, but refuses to clarify at what price they were valued or whether the operation was declared to the Treasury.
The relationship between the two has been strained for a long time, but in these days it has reached a point of maximum tension as a result of the controversy over the declaration of the PP candidate for mayor of Madrid. Concern in the party that this division is visualized hours before the elections.

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Almost all the autonomous regions charge more taxes for donations than for inheritance: it is usually fiscally cheaper to inherit. Not so the Community of Madrid, which is an anomaly compared to all others.
This 99% discount in the tax allows the great fortunes to order the inheritance in life and pay ridiculous amounts for the transmission of their properties. If the children receive them as a gift before death, the tax to be paid is only 1% of the quota set by state law: about 0.3% of their value; that is, three euros per thousand. These figures are derisory, compared to those of the rest of the autonomous regions.
This notarial declaration to claim ownership of the painting was made barely a month after the appraisal by Sotheby’s, which valued the painting at eight million euros. On March 9, 2012, this auction house confirmed that it was an unpublished masterpiece by the Aragonese painter, something that until then the family suspected but did not know for sure. «One of his best portraits, painted at the peak of his career», as accredited by different experts.